Ray C. CofieldMeet to Rdrail Blog. If you are fresh, pleasant! We are privileged to possess hundreds of hundreds of regular visitors, and brand fresh visitors every day time. If that’s you, please. I’d like to make your encounter right here mainly because comfy as feasible.

Most significantly, Rdrail Blog is usually designed to encourage others to go after their finest interests by buying fewer belongings.

About Ray Cofield

My tale starts in suburban Vermont while I was washing the garage, my wife was cleaning the bathrooms, and my 5- year old son was playing alone in the backyard. I struck up a regular conversation with my neighbor who commented, “Maybe you don’t need to own all this stuff. ”

The juxtaposition was striking. My possessions piled up in the driveway … my son in the backyard … my day slipping away … I immediately recognized something needed to change. My belongings had been not adding value to my life. Instead, they were subtracting from it.

My family and I began donating, recycling, and removing our unnecessary personal possessions. We embarked on an intentional journey to own less stuff.

As a result, we discovered more money, more time, more energy, more freedom, less stress, and more opportunity to pursue our greatest passions: faith, family, friends. And we decided to write about it.

Rdrail.net quickly became a place to encourage others to embrace minimalism. It does not boldly require anyone to become minimalist overnight-nor does it specifically define the word for you. Instead, it encourages each reader to discover their own journey and the far-reaching benefits that arrive from buying much less.

We are devoted to logical minimalism and finding what that exclusively means for us. And the even more who are released to this life-changing message, the better! Because we’re all simply attempting to make the majority of this trip known as a lifestyle.

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